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How to Make the Perfect Meatballs

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A large meatball, made by your own hands, flavorful and hot, is always a symbol of the comfort of home. There is no adult or child, unless they are dedicated vegetarians, who can easily pass up the opportunity to try a tasty, freshly made, homemade meatball.

To create a true masterpiece, and not just a plain meatball, you need to utilize a few tricks. The most delicious meatballs are made by using a mixture of beef and pork mince.

If you have the opportunity, choose a whole piece of meat in the store, not ready-made mince. Then you can grind the meat, no less than 3 times.

To have the meatballs be more fluffy, add white bread without the crust, soaked in milk, or mashed potatoes. You can also substitute them with semolina, cottage cheese, raw, grated potatoes or zucchini, even though this is a variation of the classical meatballs.

Do not forget however, that at least 2/3 of the mixture for the meatballs must be pure mince. If you find that it becomes too mushy, add some more meat.

You can also add very finely chopped pork rinds to the mince.

Delicious meatballs

For everyone's favorite meatballs you will need around 2 lbs mince mixture, 1 slice of bread, soaked and then drained, 1 egg, salt to taste, 1 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp cumin and some cayenne pepper, if you like a spicy flavor. Combine everything and begin to knead with your hands.

Leave the kneaded mince in the refrigerator to rest. Before shaping each meatball, dip your hands in a bowl of cold water. Drop thus prepared meatballs to fry in moderately heated oil on both sides. You can also roll each meatball in breadcrumbs or semolina - fry on very high heat with the lid off initially, then on low heat, with the lid on.

You can also steam meatballs, if for some reason you must not eat fried foods. Serve them hot, with a puree or potatoes, unless of course you follow the principles of selective eating.

If suffering from gastritis, do not salt the mince and do not under any circumstances, add black pepper or other spices that agitate the stomach, and be sure to steam the meatballs.

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