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Eggs Should be Verified with a Lamp

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To determine whether an egg is fresh, you can check it using a lamp. Place a lit light bulb on top and close it in your hand. Damaged and old eggs have spots.

Eggs should be stored away from onions, fish, gas and other smelly foods and chemicals, because they absorb the smell. It is through the pores of the shells, which are very fine.

The egg white can be easily separated from the yolk of the egg when it is cold. To separate the whites and to keep intact the yolks, tap the egg and pour into a paper cone with a small hole in the tip.

eggs in nests

The egg white will slowly leak from the funnel and the yolk remains intact. If you only need the egg white and want to keep the yolk pierce the egg with a needle at two opposite ends.

The egg white will run out, and the yolk will remain until you need it. Yolk, which is outside the shell is retained by pipetting on it a few drops of oil and leaving it in the fridge.

To get a nice foam or snow, the whites should be beaten in a glass. Egg whites are svared of the heat, and the yolks - cold.

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If not beaten, whites thicken, add a few drops lemon juice and a pinch of sugar in them. If you add baking powder to the tip of a knife, you get elastic foam that that will not drop.

To make egg white into fluffy snow, the dish in which they are beaten, and the device to whip them, must be absolutely dry. The smallest particle of yolk or a drop of oil on the container breaks the egg white.

When hand beating egg white, do not change the direction of beating. Early strikes must be slow, small sweeps, and then faster and with great panache. When the snow falls off the beater, it is ready.

If you want veiled eggs that are very tasty, boil a little milk and throw the eggs in it one at a time using a spoon. Once they come to the surface, they are ready.