Salting of Fish

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salting fish

When salting fish, the goal is to make it delicious and at the same time not lose its taste qualities, retaining structure, keeping it slightly oily and supple.

Salting of fish is a traditional and easy way to preserve it. Salted fish can be stored for a long time. For salting of fish is used coarse salt.

It removes moisture from the fish - this is its purpose, and it is well- preserved. This salt dissolves slowly at low temperatures, and it gradually removes moisture from the fish.

Salting of fish is not suitable for teensy-weensy salt, as it quickly salts the belly of the fish, not extracting the moisture from it.

One of the oldest ways of salting fish is dry salting. The bottom of a wooden crate or wicker basket is then covered with a clean cloth. On it place solid lines of fish.

salted fish

Fish are arranged so that at the head of one is by the tail of the next. The fish are placed belly up and sprinkled with salt. 10 pounds of fish require 1.5 kg coarse salt.

On the fish put a piece of wood and cap with some weight. Gravity prevents the formation of air layers which contribute to the development of harmful bacteria.

After several days, the fish separates the juice which runs in the cavities of the crate or tray. On the seventh day the fish is ready, but if it is large - the tenth. During the process of salting, fish must be located in a basement.

Alternately, the salting of fish is done by using a liquid. Fish are arranged in layers in a container that is not oxidized in the same way that line up in the crate. Required is 1 kg salt for 10 pounds of fish.

To have a delicate taste fish in salt gets one tablespoon sugar added. Arrange the fish under a piece of wood, the best is lime because it releases tannins in the liquid. Put on the cover that tightly covers fish and put it in a vessel. On the lid is put a weight. The fish is left in the solution until it lets go of its juice.

Depending on the size of your fish, it is ready between the fourth and tenth day of salting. Before eating, the fish is rinsed well.

If desired, the solution can get added spices - coriander, leaves of horseradish, pepper beans, bay leaf. They are sprinkled between layers of fish.