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How to clean your oven

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cleaning the oven

Cleaning the oven is a complex and nigh- impossible task that takes a lot of time for a housewife. Today we are much easier at cleaning the surface than our mothers were. Some stoves are Teflon coated and even self-cleaning, but they rather release steam that will help you to clean the oven more easily. If you are buying an oven, it is nice to note that advantage.

However, if you have an oven that is not self-cleaning, it you can clean it very easily. It is good to save yourself from all that cleaning, and when you know something will make stains, simply cover the pan with aluminum foil.

In case your oven is dirty, buy a strong degreaser. Spray it on and wait for it to set, so most stains are loosened. After about half an hour, wipe.

A little trick you can use is to leave a cup of lemon juice to heat to boiling point. This juice will be splashed on the walls of the oven and you can clean it easily, but the best thing is – in an environmentally friendly way. It's inexpensive, without the intervention of any chemicals and of course, last but not least, the smell obtained is wonderful.

Baking soda is one of the best cleaners. It eliminates odors and browning, as well as fat deposits.

To clean the oven, prepare a paste of baking soda. Mix half a package of baking soda with water and stir until it becomes a thick mixture. With this mixture, you can clear the oven, as well as stoves and burned dishes.

Another way to effectively clean the oven is with a damp pumice. It will remove dirt very well.

Clean the oven regularly with warm water in which white vinegar or lemon juice is dissolved.

Try to avoid cleaners that contain caustic soda and other toxic substances, or residues that can not be cleared completely. The evaporation these substances can enter the food you cook.



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