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How to make cake decorations

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chocolate glazing cakle

The decoration of a cake should be tailored to the type of icing. If you have items from willing confectionery products, such as biscuits, cookies, chocolates and so on, then your icing should be of a more fluffy cream to keep them. Conversely, if you make the glaze of melted chocolate for example, then to decorate the cake, you will require more items made of different types of cream.

Decorate the cake with chocolate glaze

If you have already made your chocolate, then it's time to prepare a suitable cream with which to decorate it. You can do this with cocoa cream, which is made extremely easy.

Ingredients: 1 small pack of margarine, 1 and ½ cup sugar /sugar amount can vary depending on how sweet you prefer the cream/ 50g cocoa and a handful of fresh strawberries or other sweet berries. Of course you can use other fruits that are in season.

Method: The products are placed in a suitable container and beaten with a mixer until a homogeneous fluffy mixture appears. With oil injection, make wavy "grooves" on the surface of the cake. If you do not have a device, then use a small teaspoon and with a rotary motion shape the small mounds of butter cream in the form of meringues. Once you cover the entire surface of the cake, arrange the strawberries on the cream. You can place them whole or cut them in half and use them to form various figures, such as flowers.