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Aubergines reduce bad cholesterol

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One of the most effective methods for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis is increased consumption of eggplants.

It was found that the so-called. Aubergines help reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Following its regular intake reduces the amount of its tangible and blood vessel walls.

Aubergines are very high in potassium. It helps for the smooth functioning of the heart muscle. Moreover, it favors easy removal of excess fluids from the body.

Edema caused by heart failure, also gets affected well, thanks to aubergines.

They are also useful in urinary problems because of increased excretion of uric acid salts, along with urine.

The bitterness of aubergines is due glicoalcaloid solanine M called melongen. There is a link between the presence of this substance and color of these vegetables. Aubergines with white pulp do not contain solanine.

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People who do not like strong bitter eggplants can select vegetables that are not fully ripe, and the presence of solanine is minimal.

In aubergines there is vitamin C and vitamins of the group B.

An interesting detail is that the origin of this useful vegetable is India. Persian traders carried it to Africa. In Europe, it came from the Arabs.

We offer you a delicious recipe for homemade aubergines, which may be the perfect salad for hot summer days.

For this purpose, bake, peel and mash some aubergines. Add to these ground green peppers (roasted and peeled), several planed tomatoes, chopped parsley and dill, salt and olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice (or vinegar). Stir all this well.

Optionally, add more crushed garlic. Additionally, you can sprinkle the salad with ground walnuts.

Bon Appetit!