Diet for high cholesterol

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If you have high cholesterol, an ancient folk remedy is recommended - mix two cups of honey with one hundred and fifty milliliters of carrot juice, the juice of three lemons and one hundred and fifty milliliters of horseradish juice.

Mix well and take one teaspoon one hour before meals three times daily, for two months. The mixture is kept in the refrigerator.

Every morning, the fight with high cholesterol starts with drinking a mixture of four parts carrot juice and some beet juice. This is a superb tool for cleaning the bowel.

Never mix protein with carbohydrates and do not eat anything fried, reducing your intake of sugar and sweet pastries.

High levels of cholesterol cause atherosclerosis, arterial damage, heart attack, chest pain, heart disease, stroke.

Symptoms of high cholesterol levels can not be seen by the "naked eye". They occur if a person has symptoms of atherosclerosis. These include chest pain, leg pain while exercising, yellow patches around the eyes.

The causes often include poor nutrition. Saturated fats affect cholesterol levels. Products with high cholesterol are hard cheeses, bacon, pasta, cream, red meat, sausage and other products.

Poorly active lifestyle and obesity are a prerequisite for high cholesterol. Smoking and alcohol can raise your cholesterol.

Emphasize consumption of oranges as they are rich in pectin, which helps to dispose of cholesterol before it could contaminate your arteries.

lentil soup

For this purpose, oranges should be eaten whole, not juiced. Replace regular flour with oatmeal - buy oatmeal and grind it in a coffee grinder.

Emphasize on beans and lentils. Soluble fibers of these products are good for your heart and replace animal fat contained in products that are high in saturated fat.

Eat sardines, as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can significantly reduce the level of pollution of the arteries.

Groundnuts, not roasted or fried with salt, block the absorption of cholesterol by the intestines. Peanuts are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids.

Dark chocolate, which contains more than seventy percent cocoa, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and prevents the formation of clots.