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The consequences of malnutrition

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Most of the teenagers have a brand obsessed ideal - an ideal figure and perfect appearance. To achieve the perfect look, they are ready to undergo extreme deprivation, without ever realizing that these hardships can bring them real health problems.

Reality is not something that relates to such views. In real life, diseases are inflicted on people and then everyone thinks "it shall not happen to me" but sometimes it is too late.

The desire to look like models can create a very unpleasant situation - malnutrition, or otherwise, lackof enough food for the day entails major consequences. What are they?

First - it is essential to bear in mind the importance of diverse and nutritious food for children and teenagers - all extremes in restrictions are totally unacceptable and unnecessary. According to a Canadian study, malnutrition can have consequences years later. It may take up to 15 years, but the problem will appear, say researchers from the National Cancer Institute in Calgary, Canada.

In other words, if you go hungry, it will eventually affect your health. In addition to the physical changes that will occur in your body, you must be mentally prepared for such problems reports the Canadian Institute.

The main symptoms that a person is malnourished include hypertension, lethargy, muscle pain and weight loss. In more advanced states edema, hypotension , labile pulse, heart disorders and dyspepsia can occur. Malnourished skin becomes dry and uncomfortable, loses its fresh appearance, circles appear under the eyes, even your eyesight and hearing can weaken.

Complications are no exception to this condition. The most common problems are dysentery, tuberculosis, pneumonia. A person in such a state recovers more slowly than others, but with normal weight.