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What Can We Cook in 5 Minutes?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
What Can We Cook in 5 Minutes?

As soon as we open our eyes in the morning, we feel the time pressing on us. We rush to tidy up to meet another working day, before work we "disperse" the children to kindergarten or school, we do everything that awaits us in the office and then instead of being happy that the working day is over, we we are aware that we have yet to cook something.

In fact, have you ever thought about how much time we spend in the kitchen trying to impress our family. But when we feel literally "crazy", it's good to know what we could cook in no more than 5 minutes. Here are some ideas.

Sandwiches are always an easy savior when we want to save time, but if it's a morning or afternoon snack, why not make eggy bread for a change. You've done your job, and then everyone can put jam or cheese on them. Whatever they prefer.

You can also make minced meat princess sandwiches very quickly. Just add to it 1 beaten egg and some grated cheese and bake the princess sandwiches for no more than 5 minutes on a party grill. In the same way, you can bake slices of bread with homemade lutenitsa or sausages stuffed with cheese.

And do you remember the so-called Shopski caviar. Well, it can also be made in no more than 5 minutes. It is prepared only from blended onions or spring onions, white cheese and milk.

At noon or in the evening, you can count on Mother Nature, or more specifically, the birds and their eggs. Literally in 5 minutes you can cook poached eggs, Panagyurski-style eggs, omelet or scrambled eggs.

Quick soup in 5 minutes

Um, would you like some soup? It won't take you more than 5 minutes to make a tarator if you don't dice the cucumber. Or tomato soup if you have sterilized tomatoes and noodles that cook for 3-4 minutes. So far so good, right?

But what can you come up with to cook in 5 minutes if guests suddenly appear at your door? After all, it should be something that is both hastily put together, both tasty and good-looking. Frankly, it's all up to your own imagination, as well as what's in your fridge. We will only allow ourselves to give you the following ideas:

- wrap processed cheeses or cheese into rolls in thinly sliced ham/fillet;

- or vice versa - wrap a piece of meat delicacy in cheese slices;

- carve out an avocado or tomato and fill it with various cheeses, greens and spices;

- String the cherry tomatoes, cheeses and olives on toothpicks.

Our best advice is actually to enjoy your guests and not panic. With a little more imagination, you will manage and serve something really wonderful, we are convinced!

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