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How to Work with Gelatin

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Gelatin has no odor and taste, it is transparent and is usually sold in powder form. In some places gelatin is also sold in sheets. Gelatin is used for various types of hors d'oeuvres and desserts, it is used to decorate cakes, creams and pastries.

The easiest way to work with gelatin is to dissolve it in cold water, then dissolve it in a water bath and add it to the products listed in the recipe.

Never allow the gelatin to boil while dissolving it. That is why it is dissolved in a water bath to avoid such an effect. If you allow the gelatin to boil, it will thicken and cannot be added to other products.

It is best to use cold boiled water for soaking the gelatin. Leave it to swell, so that you can then dissolve it. Gelatin is soaked in water, which is six times more than gelatin. Leave it for at least half an hour.


It is important to observe the proportions to get a beautiful result with a pleasant texture. If you add 20 grams of dissolved gelatin in a liter of liquid, you will get the so-called trembling jelly. If you add about 50 grams of gelatin to a liter of liquid, you will get a jelly, which can be cut with a knife.

When using gelatin in combination with fruit, you need to cut it into small pieces, because gelatin cannot be attached to coarsely chopped fruit.

It is not recommended to cool the jelly in the freezer, because it turns into crystals. Always keep an eye on the expiration date of gelatin, so that it doesn't spoil the dish.

The easiest jelly you can make is from fruit or fruit juice. Soak 15 grams of gelatin in half a liter of water. After an hour, add a liter and a half of fruit juice or compote juice, which has been pre-heated to 60°C.

Put the pot on the hob and heat it for 10 minutes on low heat, without boiling it and by stirring constantly. Put sliced ​​fruit in bowls and pour the juice. You can make fruit jelly without fruit, just from the juice.

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