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Nutritional Value of Mushrooms

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Sliced mushrooms

Mushrooms are very tasty and incredibly fragrant food. They are used in many national cuisines. They are prepared in different ways and have many useful ingredients.

It is safest to eat cultivated mushrooms, but many people prefer wild mushrooms. They are much tastier and more fragrant, but not everyone can recognize them. There are many poisonous mushroom species and look alikes, so only experienced mushroom pickers recognize them. If you are not sure if a mushroom is edible, it is better not to try it, because the consequences of consuming poisonous mushrooms are severe and even fatal.

The nutritional value of mushrooms can be compared to the most healthy vegetables. Despite the high water content, mushrooms contain many useful substances.

One of the substances in the composition of mushrooms is protein. Mushrooms also contain as much proteins as meat. The difference is that the proteins in mushrooms are much harder to digest in our body than the proteins in meat. Mushrooms also contain fiber. Vegetarians prefer mushrooms as food, as they receive a number of useful substances when consumed.

It is also important to note that mushrooms also contain carbohydrates. Mostly fructose and glucose are the carbohydrates in mushrooms. They are between one and three percent. Mushrooms also contain minimal amounts of fat - less than 1 percent.

Whole field mushrooms

Beneficial substances, that are part of the composition of mushrooms include fatty acids, useful amino acids, enzymes and mineral salts.

The composition of mushrooms does not contain starch and this makes them suitable for consumption during a diet, as well as for various diets.

Beta glucan is the most useful and important substance contained in mushrooms. Beta glucans are natural polysaccharides, which are very important for the immune system. Since ancient times it was believed that people are healthy and resilient, thanks to the frequent consumption of mushrooms.

To preserve the beneficial nutritional qualities of mushrooms, it is important to know that after cutting them, they must be cooked within a few hours. Cut and left at room temperature for a longer time, the mushrooms begin to absorb harmful substances and lose their useful properties.

Mushroom consumption

Mushrooms can be stored for only a few days in the refrigerator. If they become dark in color, it is better to throw them away. Once the mushrooms are picked, it is best to put them in a container with hard walls, because storage in a bag leads to their faster spoilage. Cooked mushrooms are stored in the refrigerator in a ceramic container. It is not recommended to store them in metal containers.

Mushrooms have many useful substances, but they also have one drawback. It is that they are difficult to digest and some of their nutrients are difficult to absorb. This is due to the chitin in them, as it is indigestible. If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, do not eat mushrooms in large quantities.

Mushrooms are a heavy food and should be eaten at lunch, not in the evening. This way, your body will have enough time to process the mushrooms before it's time to go to bed. Otherwise, you risk feeling heavy, restless, or not sleeping at all.

Mushrooms have another serious drawback. They have a highly active ability to absorb toxins and radioactive substances. Be careful and study well in what soil the mushrooms have grown, because they can be life-threatening.

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