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How to Cook in a Baking Bag?

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Baking bags are made of special thin and transparent polyethylene film. You can find them in larger stores and they are sold in packets with different quantities.

One of the biggest advantages of baking bags is that you won't have to scrub baking pan afterwards, because the food is placed in the bag and then in the baking pan. This way you will only have rinse the baking pan, which will make it much easier.

The principle of baking in a baking bag is very easy, you cut the products you want to prepare, add spices and put them in the baking bag.

Water is not needed, if you decide you can put very little. You can put very little fat, but in general, when baking in an baking bag, you should not add fat and oil.

When you put all the products in it, just tie the bag and make a few small holes, so that it does not burst during baking. The food turns out very aromatic and tasty, it is stewed and the meat becomes tender.

In a baking you can roast whatever you want - fish, various vegetables, meat. One of the most common uses of these bags is for chicken with potatoes in a baking bag. This is no coincidence, because the dish turns out very well.

You do not need to add any water here, because the chicken and potatoes will release some. Cut the chicken and potatoes, season them and put everything in the bag. Bake in a preheated oven. Because the bags are transparent, you can easily tell when the food is ready.

Depending on the type of dish, you can add cream, white wine or beer, which you pour over the food. The good thing about these baking bags, is that the food is stewed and all the aromas and flavors are preserved.

The spices you can use are the same as for ordinary baking, so do not hesitate to use these bags, because the food will become tasty and juicy.

The baking time of the products does not change. Act boldly and experiment with these baking bags, delight and surprise your family with something delicious.

In addition to chicken with potatoes, you can prepare baked potatoes, baked chicken drumsticks or baked pork in a baking bag.



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