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How Long Does the Dough Need to Rise?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

If you have decided to make something with home-made dough, you need to know a few things. The first and most important thing is to follow the instructions for making the dough exactly as they are, especially if you are trying the recipe for the first time.

It is good to do it willingly and to remove any thoughts from your head that it will not work or that it will not rise - believe that it will happen. If you think it's not going to happen, why bother starting in the first place? If there is yeast in the dough, it is best to use the one in the packets. When using dry yeast, quite often things do not work out.

Start by adding the products, which in recipes are usually arranged in the order in which they should be placed. Mix it up and then it's time to knead the dough. This part is not difficult, it just requires a little more patience and desire. The recipe itself sometimes states how to knead or what exactly you need to do - different pasta has different whims to make it.

Once you have kneaded the dough well, it is time to let it rise.

Kneading Dough

1. Keep in mind that in order to increase its volume, the room must be warm. In addition, the temperature should not change abruptly.

2. It is good to move it into a bowl again - if possible larger than its size, because it still tends to expand and wrap the bowl with a towel.

3. The time you will need for the dough to rise depends on what you have decided to prepare.

4. It cannot be determined in hours or minutes - depends on the recipe you choose.

5. If you need some guidance on when the dough has risen - the goal is to at least double its volume.

6. Another thing that will show you that the dough is ready is when bubbles appear on its surface.

7. If these points are present, you can finish off the recipe.