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How to Make Sure Octopus Doesn't Become Tough?

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How to Make Sure Octopus Doesn't Become Tough?

Octopus is one of the tastiest gifts that the sea gives us. Despite its strange appearance, it is loved, valued and loved by many people all over the world.

However, to be good for consumption, this seafood must be tenderized. Since it represents one muscle, each one is supposed to be tougher and harder.

Fortunately, there is a way to make octopus tender, tender and pleasant. This is achieved by tearing the muscle fibers.

Until recently, the only method used for this purpose was through multiple impacts on a hard surface. Often immediately after the catch, the fishermen did this directly on the rocks or subsequently on the kitchen counter.

Nowadays we have a far better and easier method that doesn't require so much effort and just a little time. This method simply consists of freezing the octopus for 3-4 days. In this process, the muscle fibers are torn and it is not necessary to hit and beat the animal.

After defrosting, the octopus is ready to prepare any of your favorite dishes with it.

To make sure the octopus stays tender, however, you also need to cook it properly. To boil it, boil a large pot with plenty of water over high heat. Keep in mind that the seafood must be well covered with water, so choose the appropriate pot according to its size.

Once the water boils, drop the octopus in and immediately remove it. Repeat this 3 times. The procedure is called "shocking".

On the fourth time, leave the seafood in, add a pinch of salt, cover the pot and reduce the heat to medium. Boil for 10-12 minutes per kilogram of octopus.

It's ready when you poke the tip of a knife into the thickest part of the tentacles and the utensil goes in easily.

It is very important not to overcook it, so that it doesn't to have the opposite effect - instead of tender, it will becomes tough.

Once it's ready, turn off the heat and leave it inside, until it cools, but not completely.

Be sure to cut it with kitchen scissors and serve it slightly warm - cold octopus is not as tasty!

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