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Where Do Porcini Mushrooms Grow?

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Where Do Porcini Mushrooms Grow?

Porcini mushrooms are extremely delicious mushrooms. If you want to gather some, but you don't know where exactly they grow, we will tell you in this advice.

Very few people know where exactly to find porcini mushrooms. If the weather is rainy, it is ideal for gathering porcini mushrooms and other mushrooms as well.

Porcini mushrooms can be found next to another type of mushroom - fly agaric. If there is a lot of horsetail in the forest where you decided to pick mushrooms, you should know that there are almost no mushrooms in such places.

Where porcini mushrooms grow

- All mushroom pickers are aware that porcini mushrooms prefer places where it is warm and humid. If the summer weather is hot, porcini mushrooms can be found under bushes in the grass. While in autumn you can find porcini mushrooms in more open places where there is direct sunlight;

- A person who knows mushrooms well, knows exactly where to look for porcini mushrooms, because they cannot be found in all types of forests. In the pine and birch groves there is a great abundance of this kind of mushroom;

- If you are looking for porcini mushrooms in young forests that are not 20 years old, you will be disappointed, because you will not find them there. But in the pine forests, coniferous and broad-leaved forests, where there are more birch trees that are over 30 years old, there is an abundance of porcini mushrooms.

Have a look at how to preserve the porcini mushrooms you have picked. If this method of preservation appeals to you, then dry the porcini mushrooms.

That way you will have aromatic helpers for your porcini mushroom pasta or porcini mushroom soup.



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