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Chocolate, Bananas, Spinach: Foods for Happiness

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There is a link between food and happiness. There are foods that have a positive effect on our mood, that bring happiness and joy to our soul.

Our moods are determined by 2 types of neurotransmitters. The first are inhibitors, the second are excitatory. Individuals are in a good mood when these 2 types of neurotransmitters are in balance. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that influences the grey matter of our brains.

Foods that aid in its production are: chocolate, bananas and spinach. Various teams of scientists took part in a study - biologists, psychologists, engineers and neurologists.


The emotional reaction of the people who ate these foods was studied, as well as their brain activity. First they were given foods that they were well familiar with, then they were given foods they were less familiar with and their brain reaction was analyzed.

Seconds after the person tasted a familiar dish, the brain reached its highest levels of emotional activity. This always happens when we eat a given dish.

Food is exciting and makes us happy. The greatest stimulant is chocolate. In women, men, young and old, chocolate always brings happiness and excitement. It is one of the most preferred foods for happiness.


Chocolate can be included in many recipes. It's used to make creams, cakes, biscuits, rolls and all sorts of other delicious temptations. Eat it and be happy but don't overindulge nonetheless, consume responsibly and in moderation!

Bananas, in turn, contain tryptophan, that's turned into serotonin in our brain. That's why we feel calm and happy when we eat bananas.

Spinach contains a lot of vitamins from B group and folic acid. They are used in the process of serotonin creation and provide us pleasure.