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Eat Seaweed Every Day to be Healthy!

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A team of Danish scientists are adamant that we need to eat seaweed every day in order to be healthy. Sea superfoods are a healthy dietary supplement that prevent obesity and all problems and diseases it leaves in its wake. Plus they lower the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Biophysicists from the University of Southern Denmark have discovered that seaweed contain substances that provide an exceptional number of health benefits. The experts analyzed the nutrient profiles of a total of 35 species of seaweed. The majority of these turned out to be incredibly beneficial for the human body.

They contain essential amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids - basically an entire smorgasbord of beneficial nutrients. The daily recommended dose of seaweed is about 5-10 g in dried form, say experts. This dose provides just a general idea and can vary.

According to the scientists, food manufacturers need to come up with ways to make seaweed a common ingredient in the foods we eat every day. They are categorical that there's no reason not to add small quantities of seaweed to processed foods such as hot dogs, frozen pizzas and even hamburgers.


The best option is to have dried seaweed absorbed in the food we consume. For example, we can add small amounts of dried and granulated seaweed to dough.

Of course, they can be taken as a spice as well. They are suitable for flavoring dishes since the calcium salts in them do not raise blood pressure as sodium salts do. No matter how you prefer them, rest assured that if you eat them every day you'll significantly improve your health.