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What are the Favorite Foods of Thin People?

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The secret of thin people lies not in keeping a strict diet, nor in anything magical. What's important is the attitude toward food and ultimately, its essence.

Everyone has at least one person they know who appears to eat everything in enviable amounts, yet continues to wear the same pair of jeans they bought 15 years ago. The fact is, almost no one that's thin follows any diet at all and doesn't turn to food when distressed. Depriving oneself of food slows metabolism.

When the body is kept hungry it begins to set aside reserves for darker days. This is what's known as the yo-yo effect, something commonly seen in people who try to lose weight by starving themselves. Once they stop dieting, they begin literally stuffing themselves to restore their losses. In this way, they not only put what they lost back on but gain even more weight.

Proper eating requires that the person be familiar with the amount of calories in their food - i.e. the number of calories per gram. This allows one to eat larger quantities of low calorie foods, while at the same time reducing high quality ones.

Besides the type and caloric value of foods, the so-called satiety index is also important for weight loss since hunger and appetite are the main antagonists in this battle. This coefficient is calculated based on the amount of time that passes after you eat a particular food before you're hungry again.


What this means is that the more fiber, proteins and water in a food eaten, the greater this coefficient. And the greater it is, the more time will pass before you're hungry again.

Here are the coefficients of some of our favorite foods. Based on these you can come up with a daily diet plan to help you shed excess pounds easier and without starving yourself. The list starts with the least filling foods and ends with the ones most active in suppressing hunger for long periods:

Croissant - 47;

Cake - 65;

Donut - 68;

Peanuts - 84;

Yoghurt - 88;

Ice cream - 96;

White bread - 100;

Fries - 116;

Cereals - 116;


Cornflakes - 118;

Bananas - 118;

White spaghetti - 119;

Salty biscuits - 127;

White rice - 132;

Brown rice - 138;

Feta cheese - 146;

Eggs - 150;

Corn - 154;

Whole grain bread - 157;

Grapes - 162;

Veal - 179;

Brown spaghetti - 188;

Apples - 197;

Oranges - 202;

Oats - 209;

White fish - 225;

Stewed potatoes - 232.