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Favorite Finnish Cookies

Looking for favorite finnish cookies? Check out our 12 ideas for favorite finnish cookies on Bonapeti
Finnish Christmas CookiesFinnish Christmas CookiesThe dough is cut into squares with 3″ (8 cm) sides. Incisions are made from each vertex of the square toward its center. Place some jam in the middle...
Favorite Christmas Linzer CookiesFavorite Christmas Linzer Cookies
Allow the cookies to cool and spread the marmalade or raspberry jelly /strawberries/ on the whole cookies very thinly with a small spoon....
Finnish Fish SoupFinnish Fish Soup
Melt the butter and fry the finely chopped onions and carrot in it. Pour in 6 1/5 cups (1.5 L) of water, the spices and salt. Dice the potatoes...
Finnish Kalakukko Fish PieFinnish Kalakukko Fish Pie
Bake the Finnish fish pie in a moderately heated oven for about 3 hours. Occasionally, smear the fish pie with lard....
Finnish Pierogi with HamFinnish Pierogi with Ham
Put these Finnish ham pierogi to bake in a preheated {200 °C} oven for 20-30 minutes....
Favorite PotatoesFavorite Potatoes
Try our favorite potatoes too. Enjoy your meal!...
Favorite PancakesFavorite Pancakes
Beat the eggs with the sugar. Best to use a mixer but you can do it by hand too. To the beaten products add the water, stir and add the flour little...
Favorite TrileçeFavorite Trileçe
Separate the egg whites from the yolks into separate bowls. Beat the egg whites with a mixer, while gradually adding the sugar and vanilla. Beat...
Favorite Cheese RollsFavorite Cheese Rolls
Serve these favorite cheese rolls for breakfast!...
Favorite Crème CaramelFavorite Crème Caramel
Prepare bowls or custard cups. Pour the sugar for caramelization in a pan on the stove with 1 tablespoon water. Stir until caramelized but don't let...
Favorite Melon DaiquiriFavorite Melon Daiquiri
For the Daiquiri recipe you need a shaker and a blender. Cut the top of the melon, in order to make it like a cap. Remove the seeds with a tablespoon...
My Favorite PotatoesMy Favorite Potatoes
When the baked potatoes are slightly cooked, coat them with the mixture you made, one by one and bake again until my favorite potatoes have a crispy...


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