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Today is International Popcorn Day

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One of the most beloved culinary snacks for the majority of people, popcorn, commemorates its international holiday today. For centuries, the corn temptation has been a favorite for so many nations.

However, worldwide statistics show that Americans are the #1 fans and consumers of popcorn. They regularly snack on it and not just during the movies but even when they are trying to quit cigarettes.

Europeans take 2nd place in popcorn consumption and Asians - 3rd.

The greater portion of people prefer to eat salty popcorn in combination with a soda. There is also significant number of people who love to eat popcorn with caramel while drinking mineral water.

The highest quantities of popcorn are purchased on Saturday and Sunday, with popcorn fans saying that they enjoy sharing it with friends and loved ones while watching a movie.

Popcorn is of course the most preferred for snacking on while at the movies or in front of the TV screen.

Eating Popcorn

But even though it is a favorite, popcorn is definitely not among the healthiest foods, since it contains 30% fat and 60% carbohydrates.

It is also not recommended to regularly consume microwave popcorn because according to studies, it leads to respiratory problems.

The crunchy foodstuff can be healthy too though, since it does contain antioxidants and fiber, which protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. What you need to do is prepare it yourself and without any salt.

A curious fact is that the oldest stringed popcorn ever found dates back to about 4000 years in the Bat Cave west of New Mexico.

There is a tradition in some countries for people to decorate their Christmas trees with stringed popcorn.