Overconsumption of Coke for 1 Month Led to 23 Lbs. of Weight Gain
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Overconsumption of Coke for 1 Month Led to 23 Lbs. of Weight Gain

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Drinking Coke

50-year-old George Prior from Los Angeles is just your average American who recently faced a dilemma. He and his family, like almost all Americans, regularly drink Coke.

But with each passing day, he encountered ever more disturbing information about the harmful effects of this drink. So he decided to put his body to the test.

George Prior set a goal of drinking 10 cans of Coca-Cola every day for 30 days. This, as expected, had a disastrous effect on his body. For the period of one month, he gained 23 pounds and his blood pressure shot up to the dangerous 145/96.

In his video diary, that George kept during the experiment, he shared that he felt an uncontrollable urge to eat sweets. And this happened even though he took in 1 2/5 cups (350 g) of sugar per day from his colas.

George shares that he underwent this experiment to make more people aware of the large quantities of sugar they consume and how unhealthy it is. He adds further that he would never repeat the experiment.


Earlier in 2014, the World Health Organization advised people to cut the amount of sugar they consume daily in half. It is important for people to be aware of how hazardous sugar is to their health.

Sugar causes a series of problems in the body, such as the drastic drop of glucose in the blood. It increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and has a negative effect on the immune system.

Few people know that the frequent consumption of high-sugar foods leads to a chromium deficit, while the processes of aging are sped up. And this is only a small portion of the harms sugar causes.

People are constantly talking about the damages from Coca-Cola. They are mainly due to the vast amounts of sugar in it. Excessive use of it, as well as of other sodas, leads to irreversible consequences for the body.

Besides everything else, Coke contains aspartame as well, which is known to be cancerous.