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Bacopa Monnieri Against Stress and Insomnia

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Bacopa Monnieri tea

Bacopa monnieri (brahmi) is native to India. It can also be seen used in Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, as well as in Hawaii, Florida and the Southern states.

Bacopa monnieri extract is used mainly for relaxation, since it is successful in combating stress. Moreover, it treats insomnia. It boosts the concentration and memory of the person.

Bacopa monnieri is one of the few herbs, whose properties are similar to those of ginkgo biloba. Taking it protects against harmful free radicals, while at the same time calming nerves. In addition it has the ability to slow the process of aging.

The herb is obtained from the Bacopa monnieri plant. It is a perennial creeper, chiefly inhabiting swampy and wetland areas.

Brahmi is also used to identify Centella asiatica. That is why when buying the product, look for the Latin name on the extract.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri extract contains numerous active alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids and others. This makes the plant a potential treatment product against all possible neurodegenerative diseases. This is due to its ability to improve nervous system, brain and memory function.

The plant is most well-known in Ayurveda, the Indian traditional medicine. According to it, the herb falls into the group "Medhya Rasayana" - the one responsible for improving brain function, memory and the cognitive functions in all kinds of central nervous system disorders.

Indian folk medicine also uses it for relieving epilepsy and asthma, pains, fever and as a natural sedative. It is especially recommended for elderly people, to improve memory, memorization, against stress and insomnia.

Despite the numerous benefits that the use of Bacopa monnieri extract provides, it should not be taken without medical supervision. The only problems it can lead to are gastrointestinal. These can be expressed in stomach discomfort, in the form of cramps, nausea and frequent bowel movements.