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Sulfur is a mineral that has very pronounced acidifying functions. I doubt most of the Athletes have thought just how this mineral affects sports achievements. From all major minerals, sulfur is the least discussed, but is very important. Sulfur is the main mineral of beauty.

It is believed that the sulfur is the eighth or the ninth most abundant mineral in the body. It is found in almost all cells, but in particularly high concentrations in hair, nails, skin and joints. Proper intake of sulfur is essential to acquire a beautiful, shiny hair and skin.

Functions of sulfur

Sulfur is the main component of connective tissues. One is a collagen - it is not only in the connective tissue but also in the skin, bones and teeth. Sulfur rich collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. As we all know, collagen retains moisture in the cells and gives elasticity to tissues.

Sulfur is found in keratin - a protein that makes up 98% of the structure of the nail. Sulfur, in the form of keratin is found in skin, hair, and tooth enamel. It allows both of these tissues greater resistance and greater flexibility.

There are several actions for sulfur. Firstly, it takes part in the chemical structure of molecules of the amino acids - cystine, homocysteine, methionine and taurine.

Benefits of sulfur

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Sulfur disinfects the blood, but by binding heavy metals, it has a well expressed detoxifying effect. This makes it a very powerful tool in the fight against inflamed joints, tendons and muscles - the scourge of any active sports person.

Sulfur participates in the structure of an important material for tendons and joints - Chondroitin sulfate. It supports the implementation of oxidation reactions by being included in the structure of coenzyme A.

Sulfur improves the immune system, which is extremely valuable for people, but especially for athletes and professional athletes because they have a special immunity and are relatively susceptible to skin infections.

Besides all actions, this mineral enhances protein structure of the hair and used as a tool to combat baldness.

Sulfur is known in two main varieties - Synthetic /sulphates and sulphites/ whose intake is extremely harmful to the body and organic - such as MSM from which the body needs.

Daily dose of sulfur

Doses vary depending on the substance, which is the provider of the sulfur in the body. The optimum dose recommended MSM is from 1000 to 4000 mg per day for adults and moderate sportsmen. Doses for professional athletes increase sharply and may reach 8000 mg without any risk of toxicity.

Deficiency of sulfur

It is believed that the lack of sulfur is directly to blame for the emergence of some serious medical conditions, but there is no clear evidence of this. However, taking into account the importance of sulfur to maintain the number of functions, it is considered that the deficit in its body can not create quality and healthy cells.

Sulfur Sources

This leads to problems like hair loss, loss of skin elasticity and the walls of the arteries, wrinkles, joint problems, varicose veins, scarring and difficult activity of immune reactions.

Overdose of sulfur

Adverse effects were observed in intake of inorganic sulfur, because it is toxic. Overdose or side effects when taking large amounts of MSM are not observed, even after 20 g per one kg weight for up to one month. However, it is recommended to not exceed the stated dose.

Sources of sulfur

One of the best sources of sulfur is egg yolk. Large amounts of this mineral are contained in garlic, onion, sprouts and berries, wheat germ, dried beans, cabbage, fish, soya and turnips. Apart from the food, the sulfur can be provided by various additives. The most common method of administration of sulfur is in the form of complex mineral preparations containing minerals optimal doses.


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