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Practical tips for packing before freezing

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This text contains useful information and practical tips for packing products before freezing.

Large pieces of meat, big cakes, bulky products with irregular shape are packaged in foil with a thickness less than 0.05 mm thick, or in aluminum foil.

It is important to know that even fruits with sugar syrup, compotes, fruit juices, soups, liquids, beaten eggs, cooked meals are frozen in containers made of aluminum, plastic or glass. The rule is that the dish that you will use must withstand low temperatures.

You should also have bags with adhesive tape, labels and elastic bands.

Tips for Packing

1. Packaging materials (plastic or aluminum foil) should be tightly wrapped. For the product to be frozen.

2. Carefully remove the air, while sticking the packet to the product.

3. Cover the dish without it’s lid, with two layers of plastic wrap and fasten tightly with a rubber band.

4. Never fill containers with liquid food products, as fluid volume increases by about 1/10 while freezing.

5. Products for freezing must always be well chilled. Only bread and pastries can be lukewarm.

6. Inscribe each package. Stick the label on, containing the food’s content, quantity, date of freezing and storage time.

7. For greater convenience and awareness, you can make a list of frozen products. This way you'll always know what's in your freezer.