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Tips on choosing an electric grill

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Like microwave ovens, electric grills are already beginning to occupy an important place in the household. The most commonly cited advantage of cooking on the grill is the fact that it takes a lot of the fat out, is easy to clean and the food is ready reasonably quickly.

Electric grills have a great advantage over pans, because they have grooves to drain fat. This is important and you should pay attention to it, when buying a grill.

The size of the electric grill is also very important and you need to decide how many people will cook food on this grill. If you need to feed more people, choose a grill with a large surface area. This will help you tremendously.


Depending on what you cook on the grill, you can choose a rack or a grill plate. When a grill rack is chosen, you should select one with the possibility of filling the bottom tray with water, to reduce the smoke and odor, which would have resulted in the preparation of food, while preventing overheating. In flat plate types, non-stick coverage is important, the heat needs to be distributed evenly over the entire plate, which will ensure uniform cooking.

Handles should be insulated, so as not to get burned by accident. The rack must have a removable thermostat, with temperature information. The thermostat should have a few settings, so you can safely adjust the cooking heat.

It is best to select a combined grill, ie two such surfaces – a rack type and a plate. Pay attention because the covering of the grill must be nonstick.

It's good to pay attention to the possibility of cleaning, no matter what grill you choose. Choose a grill that will clean easily and without much extra effort. Another thing that is important is to have a protective coating to protect the surface from overheating.

If you have a dishwasher, you can check if the grill is suitable for washing in it. It is important that the grill is lightweight and easy to carry.