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Foods and Drinks you Should Never Eat on an Empty Stomach

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Health experts strongly advise against consuming certain foods and beverages on an empty stomach. The reason being that if eaten regularly early in the morning, they will have severe negative consequences on digestion and metabolism.

Cold Drinks

The biggest mistake you can make after waking up in the morning is to pour yourself a cold drink. Consuming anything cold early in the morning puts you at risk of stomach problems. Additionally, cold beverages on an empty stomach worsen blood circulation and the digestive process since they upset the stomach.



The amount of the yeast in this type of breakfast food is enough to cause gases and unpleasant bloating and heaviness in the stomach.


Drinking a cup of coffee before breakfast is the greatest weakness for a majority of people. Caffeine may be quite good for the body but if you're hungry it will irritate the stomach and activate stomach acids. If you don't change this habit you may begin to suffer from gastritis not before long.


If you wish to enjoy good health longer, your breakfast must always be salty. Sweet foods on an empty stomach raise insulin levels, thereby disrupting metabolism and putting you at risk of diabetes.

Yoghurt and Ayran


Even though yoghurt and ayran are some of the healthiest foods, they have the exact opposite effect on an empty stomach. These foods create an acidic environment which devastates gut flora.

Citrus Fruits

A grapefruit or orange on an empty stomach are a sure path to gastritis, say health experts from around the world. When you're hungry, they cause high acidity, leading to the condition.

Pears and Dates

These fruits contain excessively rough cellulose, which damages the stomach lining and hampers the digestive processes.