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High-Calorie Foods To Watch Out For

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
cheeses are high in calories

Calories, calories, calories. It seems as if life revolves around them. The attempts to lose weight, however, are sometimes relentlessly unsuccessful. And then comes the time when you need to think about the food you eat.

Even if you are happy with your figure at the moment, the energy value matters as well. Because in some cases it may be quite imperceptible that you have gained a few pounds and your clothes have started to feel tight.

Everyone knows that unhealthy burgers, fries, tortillas and pies from fast food chains have a lot of calories and are not a good idea if you want to be healthy and have a normal weight. There are high-calorie foods that are completely healthy and are recommended in diets, but can play a bad joke on us. If you have already eliminated junk foods from your menu, then be careful with these unexpectedly high-calorie foods:


Nuts are very high in calories

Extremely healthy, but very high in calories. In a healthy diet it is good to have between 20 and 50 grams of them, at least a few times a week. This amount is between 120 and 300 calories. However, if you eat 100 grams... the calories jump sharply to 600. And nuts are a food you can easily overeat with - because 100 grams of nuts are much less than you think. In fact, they are little more than a handful.

Peanut butter

Tasty and useful, it is part of many diets. 100 grams of it contains a staggering 600 calories - mainly from the fat of ground peanuts.

White cheese

Cheeses are extremely healthy - they contain B vitamins, calcium and other valuable substances. They are also very tasty. 50 grams of white cheese will give your body between 200 and 300 calories, depending on the type you like. However, 50 grams of cheese is a very small amount. If you like a glass of quality wine in the company of a cheese platter, then in a few hours you can easily eat 200-300 grams of cheese. Which is between 600 and 900 calories. Only from an appetizer.



Be careful because a glass of wine contains about 130 calories. If you are on a diet or trying to maintain your weight, do not exceed this daily amount. Excess alcohol is not healthy either. Hard liquor is much higher in calories and the ones you should really avoid altogether are the sweet liqueurs.

Olive oil

One extra tablespoon in your salad adds 100 calories more to it. Therefore, avoid adding the dressing directly from the bottle.