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How To Make The Most Tender and Juicy Chicken?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

There is nothing worse than spending hours cooking a roast chicken and then it turns out too dry. So dry that everyone has to reach for their glasses of water after each bite.

Making a tender and juicy chicken is not as easy as it seems. Although the thighs and wings are generally more greasy, the difficult part is making sure the breasts, that normally have a specific dryness, are also juicy and appetizing.


1. There are two options for preparing the chicken before cooking it. The first is to prepare brine from salt and water and leave the chicken in it for a few hours. The salt will make the chicken significantly more tender, because it will allow the water to be absorbed by the meat.

The other option is to marinate it in butter or olive oil and spices, which also adds to the juiciness of a chicken. This option is recommended for smaller broilers (or parts of them). The herbs you choose will spice up the dish in a unique way.

2. Do not remove the skin. Whichever of the options for preparing the chicken you choose, it is important that the meat that has absorbed the water does not dry quickly when roasting. This is where the skin helps, which to some extent retains its moisture and juiciness. If you are not a fan of the skin - remove it, but only after removing the chicken from the oven.

Roasted chicken

3. An important part of roasting is how you turn the chicken. Under no circumstances should you poke through the broiler with a fork or knife during the roasting process, as that will allow the marinade and absorbed moisture to evaporate quickly. Turn it over using flat utensils.

4. The other option for roasting it is to cover it with foil. This is a French technique for stewing meat under foil or parchment paper. The method is suitable for roasting smaller parts of the chicken and is not very convenient for a whole broiler.

Before placing the pieces of meat in the foil, season them well. Then you need to wrap them well so that there are no gaps. Bake at 230°C for about 25 minutes.

A whole chicken can also be baked under foil, which must be removed 20 minutes before removing the chicken from the oven.

5. After removing the chicken, the master chefs recommend leaving it "upside down" for about 15 minutes - the breasts resting in the baking pan. This way, the juices will go to its breasts and make them extra juicy and delicious.

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