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How to Clean Plums?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Clean Plums?

Preparing plums for canning, freezing or cooking always takes longer than expected! Removing the core of each fruit one by one is usually a tedious task.

When you're working with more than a few pounds, it's good to know techniques to clean plums faster.


Wash the fruit very well and put them in a deep container that will hold them. Get a bowl for the pits and another large bowl for the cleaned plums. You will need a thin wooden handle or something similar, the idea being to push the pit out of the fruit. Take a plum in your hand and push the wooden handle into the hollow part where the stem was, by pushing it through the length of the fruit. The pit should fall out the other side each time and you should have a clean fruit ready for the next step of your processing.

A smaller type of plum

You will need: a deep bowl with the fruit, a bowl for the pits, a bowl for the cleaned plums and a small knife. For safety, don't cut by hand, but on a board. Here you will need to cut the plums lengthwise or widthwise, split them in half and remove each pit by hand. If they are difficult to remove, then cut the fruit into fours and remove the seed. The above option, using a thin handle, may not be suitable here and may crush the fruit instead of breaking it into pieces.

After they are cleaned, the plums can be used for: - purees;

- plum crumble;

- plum cake;

- plum jam;



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