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Paella Valenciana with Seafood

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Paella Valenciana with Seafood
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"The most delicious way to feel the spirit of Spain is to try this original Paella Valenciana with Seafood"


  • black mussels - 6 - 8 pcs.
  • clams - 6 - 8 pcs. (white or others of your choice)
  • calamari - 1 tube (not very large)
  • shrimp - 2 - 4 pcs.
  • onion - 1/2 medium - sized onion
  • garlic - 1 clove
  • tomatoes - 1 pc. (medium - sized, well ripened)
  • rice - 10 oz (280 g)
  • fish broth - about 3 cups (680 ml), highly concentrated (prepared mainly from shrimp heads and parts of white fish)
  • saffron - 1 - 2 pinches
  • salt - by taste
  • olive oil - 4 tbsp.

How to cook

There are many types of paella, but the Paella Valenciana is mainly one that is prepared with chicken, rabbit and vegetables (white large beans, green beans, red peppers).

The one with seafood, the Spaniards call Paella de marisco, but because each paella comes from the Valencia region, we can also call it Valenciana.

The authentic paella is made on a special appliance, which works with gas and it looks like a hoop from which the fire comes out and cooks the dish evenly. In fact, the tray in which this rice is prepared is called paella and is wide with low walls and large handles. The walls of a paella are not high, because the thinner the layer of rice in a pan, the tastier and nicer it is and it does not become mushy.

The grains must be separated from each other and round. That is why round-grain varieties such as Bomba, also produced in the Valencia region itself, are used to make paella.

In addition to the authentic ways of preparing this delicacy, we cannot fail to mention cooking it on real fire over a wire grid. Then the paella becomes even tastier.

At home we can make this Valencian specialty on the stove with a baking pan that covers its diameter. As a last resort, it can also be made in a large pan with low walls.

This in itself suggests that our homemade paella will not turn out too big, but a maximum of 3 servings, if we want to make it more like the authentic one.

Here's how to make a quick seafood paella for two. They can vary by adding a little cuttlefish, pieces of white fish or other types of shrimp or mussels instead of calamari.

Heat olive oil in a pan or skillet over medium heat and fry the chopped onion and small pieces of calamari. Since the surface of the cookware is large, you also have space to roast the shrimp on both sides briefly until they change their color. Use raw, fresh and unpeeled ones. Once they are ready, set them aside and save them for last.

When the onion aquires a golden color, add the grated tomatoes and garlic. Stir until the tomato changes color, then pour the concentrated broth. It is very important for the taste of the paella, but if you do not have one, you can pour water as a last resort. The amount of liquid should be determined from the instructions on the rice package according to the brand and type. For bomba rice, the ratio is usually 1:2.5 or a little more.

When the liquid boils over high heat, add salt and saffron and pour the rice, by distributing it evenly over the entire width of the baking pan. After 3-4 minutes, reduce the heat and cook it for about 12 minutes or until almost all of the liquid is absorbed.

Arrange the mussels on top and wait for them to open up from the heat and release their juices into the dish. If necessary, increase the heat, even if it burns slightly on the bottom, this is considered very tasty by the Spaniards and they fight in the end who will scrape it from the baking pan and eat it.

When all of the liquid is absorbed and the rice looks dry, put the shrimp on top and remove it from the heat. The grains may still be firm, but that's why there is a next step.

Cover the baking pan tightly with aluminum foil and a towel and leave it for 5-8 minutes. Then you will have the perfect rice.

Serve it with lemon slices.

Enjoy your meal


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