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Five Ideas for Fruit Purees

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Fruit Purees

Any mother who's ever wanted to be completely sure what their child was eating has probably been faced with preparing fruit purees.

Even though nowadays manufacturers of baby foods are strictly controlled and there are serious sanitary measures, it's always better if we can make our own purees for our child, especially if we have homegrown fruits and vegetables. All that's important is to inform ourselves as to how to combine which fruits and when to give them to our youngster.

All fruit purees can be put in jars, closed tightly while still warm, turned with their caps down and once cooled to be stored in the refrigerator. This way you'll have a fruit puree that will remain fresh for days. You can also combine various types of fruits and vegetables, thereby providing variety to your child's diet.

Find out which fruits are recommended for constipation, which for diarrhea, as well as when you can add semolina or rice to the fruit puree. Here are several ideas for baby fruit purees and if you add more sugar than what is allowable for babies, you can serve them as a delight for the whole family.

1. Banana and apple puree

Preparation: peel the apple, cut it and put it in boiling water until softened. Then blend it and add 1 mashed banana to it.

banana Puree

2. Pear and rice puree

Preparation: put 1/2 cup of rice to boil. Separately, boil the peeled and cleaned pear, blend and add it to the rice.

3. Apricot and carrot puree

Preparation: peel the carrot, wash and cut it finely. Boil it. Separately, peel 3 apricots, remove the pits and boil them. Mix everything together and blend. If needed you can add just a little bit of sugar.

4. Apple and pumpkin puree

Preparation: Cut 7 oz (200 g) of pumpkin into small pieces and put it to boil. Once softened, add the peeled and chopped apple and blend everything.

5. Carrot, banana, apple and semolina puree

Preparation: peel the carrot, chop it finely and put it to boil. Once softened, add the chopped apple to it. Once ready, blend them. Separately, prepare semolina, depending on how thick you want the puree. Mix it with the blended apple and carrot and add a mashed banana to them.