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Nine Horrible Food Mistakes

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Nutritionists have come up with the 9 most commonly found food mistakes. People believe that some of them are healthy and without realizing it have turned them into everyday habits. Experts remind this may lead to consequences for the body. And here they are:

Ice Cream and Soda

Once summer hits it will be ice cream season and what could be more delicious than ice cream combined with a soda? Delicious no doubt but also harmful - combining these 2 products causes bloating and very often leads to burping, which can continue for hours after you've eaten them. You don't need to give up the icy dessert - simply combine it with plain water.

Green Tea and Milk

The list also includes green tea with milk, which is recommended by many food experts. It turns out that pairing milk and tea is not a good idea because the substances found in the milk reduce the effects of the healthy substances of the tea. The milk proteins will make the beverage harder to absorb by the body, explain the experts who formed the list. It's best to combine green tea with lemon juice.

Yoghurt with Jam

Mixing tastes is also not always a good idea - yoghurt and jam or jam and cottage cheese must definitely be taken out of your diet. Such a combo causes fermentation in the stomach, leading to bloating and often excess gas.

Yoghurt with jam

Sugar in Porridge

Don't eat porridge with sugar, advise scientists, it's best to add fruits if you're craving something sweet. The starch found in cereals produces glucose when boiled. Adding even more sugar will also raise the glucose level in the body. This increases the risk of diabetes and obesity.

Bread with Jam

And if you think that you can live with everything else because you at least have your delicious slice of bread generously smeared with honey or jam - think again. It, like cottage cheese with jam or porridge with sugar, is not recommended. Experts remind us that all products with sugar in them need to be consumed separately.

Bread and Coffee

Grouping bread and coffee together is also not recommended - the substances found in coffee will prevent the group B vitamins in the bread from being absorbed. This way it turns into a useless product that simply takes up vast space in your stomach.

Honey in Hot Drinks

Honey should not be mixed with hot drinks - all valuable substances are destroyed at any temperature higher than 110°F (45°C). Experts claim that it is especially dangerous to use honey heated to over 100°F (40°C) - a substance toxic to the body forms.

Melon in Salads

Salad with melon

Don't put melon in your salad - this delicious and aromatic fruit should be eaten on its own, remind experts. Don't combine it with anything else, not even water. If you do, you'll experience a heavy feeling in your stomach and may even have an onset of diarrhea.

Bone Broth

It's not advisable to use meat broth with bones because the bones have accumulated all kinds of toxins, including heavy metals, in them. Nutritionists explain that when boiled, the toxins seep into the broth.