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The Type of Muffin you are According to your Zodiac Sign

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Muffins are a favorite dessert among children and adults. Diverse and delicious, they can impress even the most exquisite palate. If you truly want to put a spell on someone with a muffin, first find out which one best matches their zodiac sign, and most importantly, their character. Here's what the stars have to say regarding the appetizing treats.


Aries are people filled with energy and a thirst for life. They would be impressed by muffins with a strong and fresh flavor. A lemon muffin would definitely be to their liking.


Taureans love to attract attention and indulge in shiny bling. They love richly-decorated muffins, sprinkled with peanuts and other nuts. You also can't go wrong serving them muffins sprinkled with colorful sugar sprinkles.


Those born under this sign combine diametrically opposing traits within their character. Even though they appear strict and uncompromising, in reality Geminis are gentle. Their dual essence would definitely be made happy with a muffin of 2 flavors, that complement each other perfectly. That is why a chocolate and vanilla muffin is ideal for them.


Cancers are people with warm hearts and a kindly spirit. However, when needed, they do show their tough side. They would most enjoy a muffin with honey and walnuts.


Representatives of the sign of Leo are folks who insist on standing out. They also love to spoil themselves with delicious and stylish desserts. If you want to win over a Leo, you simply need to make them happy with muffins with cognac, jam and fruits.

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The Virgo is orderly and always very organized. She does not like cluttered things and always picks out the details carefully. Virgos would be incredibly delighted by a muffin with cinnamon and honey. If you were to add golden raisins to it as well, it would be a plus.


Libras are people in which all sorts of emotions rage. They would not be pleased with just one type of muffin, so it's best to prepare several different kinds. That way you will at least be sure that they'll like at least one of them.


Scorpios are persons with a strong character. They are passionate by nature and love exquisite desserts. Muffins with drunken cherries would not go unnoticed by them and your efforts will be rewarded.


Sagittarii are energetic characters, who are fond of adventures and surprises. At the same time, those born under this sign are moral, ethical and wise. They are explorers by nature and a muffin with a lucky charm or wise saying would make them smile.


Representatives of this sign are serious and restrained people. But this is just on the surface, for a Capricorn is a sea of emotions on the inside. They would certainly be impressed by a salty muffin, containing cream cheese and many flavorful herbs.


Aquarians are sociable, spontaneous and full of life. They prefer foods that will load them with even more energy. They would never turn down a muffin with apples, carrots and white cream.


Pisces are romantic and sensual. They would no doubt be delighted by a flavorful and scrumptious dessert. Muffins with coconut and vanilla are perfectly suited for representatives of this sign.