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The Right Breakfast Awakens us

Nina NordNina Nord
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Eating food in the morning is a real challenge for many people, which is why most simply drink a cup of coffee, without stuffing themselves with cereal or toasting bread slices or frying eggs.

The morning is most important for charging our body. If you do not fuel it with enough calories and nutrients, it will sleep at least until lunch.

That's why you won't be of much use at work until you eat something more substantial. Breakfast should contain no less than 1/3 of your daily intake of calories, and even better if it has 1/2 your calories for the day.


You might not feel like eating at all after getting up but afterwards you will be 3 times more hungry. The perfect breakfast is composed of 3 types of food products.

These are: cereals - for long-lasting energy, fruits - for a quick energy boost and vitamins, and dairy products - for protein and minerals.

Here are the ingredients which are perfect for breakfast and that you can combine as desired. First, there is orange juice, which is traditionally drunk every morning in European countries and the US.

Rye bread contains a quality blend of various carbohydrates, cellulose, vitamin B and mineral salts. Muesli and cornflakes are rich in carbohydrates and minerals.


Fruits - they are loaded with carbs, micronutrients, vitamins and beside all their health benefits, they regulate stomach function. Yoghurt is a fine treat, which besides being delicious, is also healthy.

It increases resistance to stress and strengthens the immune system, not to even mention the amount of calcium it provides. Cheese and feta cheese, which go perfectly with rye bread, contain loads of carbohydrates and calcium.

The fructose in honey ensures a momentary burst of energy, and the acetylcholine found in it helps fight stress. Coffee and black tea will provide you with wakefulness, but they alone are not enough to keep you alert until noon.

Marmalades and jams will load you with tons of energy but very little minerals, that's why some of the above-listed foods must be added to them.

Eggs are rich in vitamin A and protein, but you must not eat them excessively. Create a menu using the listed products and it will guarantee a fruitful work day.