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Foods that do not Cause a Swollen Belly

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A common reason for distension is the accumulation of gas in the intestine, which is obtained as a result of the fermentation of certain products.

Fried foods, legumes, alcohol and soft drinks are the biggest culprits for bloating. There are products that do not cause bloating.


They even prevent bloating as they contain nutrients that influence the microflora of the stomach well. These are asparagus, oatmeal and papaya, which can be added to any meal.

Another product that does not cause bloating are young carrots. They are good for the digestive system.

Apricots are well absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and cause no bloating. The same effect have eggplants.

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Walnuts are easily absorbed and do not cause bloating. Mangoes, which contain 60 calories per 100 grams, are an assistant in the fight against weight and abdominal swelling.

Artichokes, which are rich in potassium, is one of the best diuretics in nature. With artichokes, you should not overdo it, because excessive consumption can cause stomach pain.


Pineapple is a perfect helper in fighting weight. Almonds do not cause bloating, while acting on satiety.

Delicious pear improve digestion, as does yogurt. Yogurt with fruit also works well in the digestive system.

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Maple syrup also works well in the stomach. It is absorbed better than honey and sugar. Rice also works well in the digestive system.

Such action has chicken’s white meat without skin. Pumpkin prevents, bloating as it is well absorbed by the body.

Unlike the mature beans, which cause bloating, young green beans, still with no thread, are good for digestion and swollen abdomen. Another product that does not cause swollen belly are quinces, as well as watermelon, but these should be eaten without seeds.