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Foods with phosphorus

Phosphorus is a mineral and an important nutrient for the growth and development of bones and soft tissues. It is stored primarily in your bones and is vital for energy production as well as the structure of your DNA. New research suggests that food containing phosphorus plays a major role in the development of bone mass and comprises half of the weight of bones. By its very nature, phosphorus is an important chemical element that is part of nucleic acids and participates in the metabolism. Phosphorus has an important influence on the activity of the heart.

The amount of phosphorus that the human body needs is 1200 mg (1.2 g). The human body contains an average of 1.5 kg. from element number 15. Of this amount, almost 1.4 kg is found in the bones and about 12 g in the brain and nerves.

The word "phosphor" means carrier of light. In 1669, the German alchemist Brand, searching for the "philosopher's stone", which turns base metals into gold, heated urine. After its evaporation, a black precipitate remained, which he continued to heat. A white, wax-like substance was deposited on the inner walls of the retort, which glowed and Brand was convinced that he had obtained the "philosopher's stone." For better or worse, however, that it is the chemical element phosphorus. In 1860, phosphorus was rediscovered by the English physicist Robert Boyle. In 1743 Margraf officially published the data on the new substance and it took its place at number 15 in Mendeleev's periodic table. For a long time after the discovery of phosphorus, it had no application in life. Only after 200 years did it become clear how valuable an element phosphorus is to nature and life.

Today, phosphorus is produced in electric furnaces from the natural minerals apatite and phosphorite. This is how white phosphorus is obtained, which is a very dangerous and extremely poisonous substance. It is soft and can be easily cut with a knife. It easily oxidizes and self-ignites in air, so it is kept in water.

Benefits of Phosphorus

Phosphorus in fish

Proper use of phosphorus helps repair broken bones, restore mineral loss in immobile limbs. Phosphorus is used to treat symptoms of alcohol dependence. It is also noted that phosphorus reduces fatigue in insulin-dependent diabetics, as well as reducing the development of kidney stones.

Phosphorus deficiency

Symptoms that you have phosphorus deficiency include low bone density, kidney stones, weakness, fatigue, muscle twitching and spasm, especially those of the face, arms and legs. The best supplement forms are calcium phosphate and monosodium phosphate. High alcohol intake can deplete phosphorus levels. Phosphorus and calcium are closely related and are found together in blood serum in the human body. To maintain the correct chemical balance, a person needs twice as much calcium as phosphorus.

Deficiency or excess of one of the two elements leads to excessive use or "overcrowding" of the other. For example, when the amount of phosphorus intake is high, the calcium level drops. Without phosphorus, the assimilation of niacin is impossible. This mineral also stimulates heart activity and is important for kidney function and the transmission of nerve impulses. Phosphorus deficiency is extremely rare and is possible in vegetarians excluding dairy products. The element is contained in almost all foods in varying amounts and in principle, cannot cause intoxication.

Phosphorus overdose

The upper limit of absorbable phosphorus for a person is 1, 500 mg per day. Large doses of phosphorus can reduce calcium levels in the body. Although phosphorus is important for the stimulation of muscle contractions and for the absorption of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, high intake does not lead to demonstrable external effects. However, the fact that this element is involved in many of the body's vital functions and is found in every body cell cannot be ignored.

Its most important role is in cell mitosis (cell division). Without it, the cell would not divide and thus there would be no increase in muscle mass and no repair of injured tissues. Healthy teeth and the production of adenosine triphosphate also require the presence of sufficient phosphorus. The consumption of white sugar disturbs the calcium-phosphorus balance. Prolonged use of antacids can also lead to a decrease in phosphorus levels in the body. Cola, fizzy drinks contain a lot of phosphoric acid and if used too much can deplete calcium levels.

Application and sources of phosphorus

Fish with phosphorus

Phosphorus is used in more than a hundred branches of the national economy. It is contained in the largest quantities in foods: fish, meat, milk, white cheese, bread. A rich source of phosphorus for the human body are beans, peas, walnuts, carrots, strawberry cultures.

Phosphorus compounds are used in the ceramic and textile industries, as well as in the production of various food products. Recently, the chemistry of organic phosphorus compounds, which are used in the fight against pests of field crops, has been developing rapidly.

The body needs foods rich in phosphorus to promote healthy bones and teeth. Phosphorus also improves the metabolic functions.

Eating foods rich in phosphorus is a great way to boost teeth and bone health, while improving key metabolic functions.

Phosphorus-rich foods

Phosphorus is a chemical element that is considered a mineral when discussing nutrition.

A diet rich in phosphorus is important for normal growth patterns in the body, so it is a nutritional staple from birth.

For adults, the standard recommendation is to consume at least 580 mg of phosphorus per day to avoid phosphorus deficiency.

Phosphorus is found in many commonly consumed foods, so for people who eat a balanced diet, it is usually not deficient.

However, if you are constantly dieting or have an unfavorable lifestyle, you may also suffer from phosphorus deficiency.

What are phosphorus-rich foods?

The best foods rich in phosphorus are: mussels, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pork, beef.

You can also eat salmon, Brazil nuts, low-fat dairy products and lentils.

White cheese

In one serving of homemade white cheese you can take over 30% of your needs for a day. Add cheese to more Greek salads, tomato salads, egg filo pastry pies, veggie sandwiches, veggie casseroles, veggie omelettes.


Phosphorus in food

A salmon fillet in 1 serving will supply about 400 mg of key nutrients in your daily diet. Pan-fried salmon, salmon salad and salmon sandwich should not be missing from your diet.


85 grams of mussels can contain between 30-50% of the required phosphorus. Eat more mussels in butter, paella, breaded mussels and salad with mussels.

Sunflower seeds

Consuming 100 grams of these seeds pushes phosphorus consumption over 120% of the day! Add them to soft biscuits, raw candies, vegan bars.

Brazil nuts

A cup of nuts will give you a full phosphorus intake. You can use them to decorate dairy creams, parfaits, vegan mousses, egg-free creams.


A cup of various types of beans has between 200 and 220 mg of phosphorus, more than 33% of the daily requirement. Cook more vegan beans, bean stew, bean soup, bean salad.


Beans contain phosphorus

One cup of lentils will provide just over 35% phosphorus for the next day. So it's worth having red lentil soup, lentil cream soup or even lentil salad.

Soy products

A serving of tofu will provide about a quarter of the required phosphorus.


One large egg contains 100 mg of phosphorus. A good reason to eat scrambled eggs, mushroom omelette, stuffed eggs or egg salad.

Pumpkin seeds

A cup of pumpkin seeds contains more than 150% of the daily requirement for phosphorus intake. Add them to gluten-free breads, pamuk pogača, protein breads.


100 grams of pork contains more than 240 mg of phosphorus, more than 40% of the daily requirement. Pork stew, pork shank, grilled steaks, pork soup, pork roll, pork brawn - what more do you need?


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