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Allergic Reaction to Onions

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

Food allergy is the result of a fault in the immune system. When an allergic reaction to food occurs, the immune system reacts to food as a dangerous substance for the body.

All know how healthy is the onion. But it can cause an allergic reaction. This allergic reaction to onions is very rare. Many experts consider onions a hypoallergenic product. Therefore, it is not considered an allergen.

Allergies are most often caused by leeks, shallots and green leaves and less often by onions. This is shown by the statistics.

An allergic reaction to onions is the same as any other food allergy.

Symptoms of onion allergy are - swelling, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, red skin, itchy eyes, stomach cramps, runny nose, hoarse cough, frequent sneezing, swelling of the tongue and lips, spasms of the airways, rash.

In more severe cases of onion allergy, asthma syndrome, anaphylactic shock and the development of angioedema can occur. A severe allergic reaction threatens a person's life. In case of these complications, you should seek medical help immediately. Fortunately, complications from an allergic reaction to onions are very rare.

The rash when an onion allergy occurs is in most cases is on the abdomenal area.

allergic reaction to onions

The symptoms listed so far occur within a few minutes after eating onions or up to two hours.

If you have an allergy to onions or have doubts about it, it is best to avoid consuming it.

You should be very careful with babies and young children. When food is introduced, a very small amount is given and gradually should be increased. This is done because parents do not know if and what their child is allergic to.

An allergic reaction to onions in babies can be caused by an underdeveloped digestive system.

Hereditary factors are also important for food allergies. This means that if one of the child's parents suffers from an allergy, the chance of him developing an allergy is 50%. If both parents suffer from allergies, then the chance of the child developing allergies becomes 90%.

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