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How to Prepare a Whole Chicken?

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How to Prepare a Whole Chicken?

The whole roasted chicken is easy to make as long as we know how. We'll let you in on a few secrets about how to cook a whole chicken and how to keep it juicy. There are recipes where the exact time and method of cooking the chicken are not described, and it very often remains tough and undercooked. But, take it easy. In this advice, you will find out the secrets to the perfect chicken.

How do you prepare the perfect whole chicken?

1. Use lots and always fresh vegetables. When the chicken is placed on top of vegetables, there is no danger of it burning from below, but they will also absorb the sauces that the chicken releases while roasting, making them even more delicious. And chicken with vegetables is also a classic;

2. Season the chicken well. Use proper chicken seasonings, and if they're fresh, even better. It works with dry ones too, but fresh ones add even more flavor and aroma when cooking a whole chicken.

3. Put fat on the chicken. You can mix the seasonings you will use to season the chicken with fat and coat all over the chicken. You can use both sunflower oil and olive oil or butter - whatever fat you choose will always have a good result;

4. Try to coat the meat under the skin as well. Try using your fingers to lift the skin of the chicken and coat the meat with the spices you will be using.

5. If you want your chicken to become even more delicious, you can stuff it with the stuffing of your choice and then sew the stuffed chicken;

6. Pour the sauce over the meat, which is released during roasting. This way the meat will not remain dry.

You already know the ins and outs of cooking chicken. Now you can prepare:

- whole chicken with potatoes;

- roasted chicken with mushrooms;

- stuffed chicken with rice.



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