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Eating Right During Spring Fatigue

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Most people complain about spring fatigue at the beginning of spring, commonly expressed in constant weakness, getting tired quickly during physical activity, frequent headaches, bad mood, insomnia.

This is because the body has lost strength from the several months' lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, the gloomy weather, as well as not enough exercise. We can quickly restore our vitality by eating more spinach and dock, taking more walks in nature and not depriving ourselves of sleep.

To avoid the effects of spring fatigue you need to:

- Spend as much time as possible getting fresh air and sun outside, exercise more, go on a nature outing for the weekend at the first available opportunity, as well as take a walk in the park whenever you have free time.

- Air out your room more often so you can breathe in the clean spring air.


- Enrich your diet with fresh leafy vegetables - salads, lettuce, spinach, dock, nettle and others. They are the most important tool in the battle against spring fatigue. But to feel their effects quickly, they need to be eaten raw or in a salad, without any sort of heat treatment.

- Eat healthy. Men should take in 2200 calories every day and women - 1800 calories. We need to increase or consumption of wholegrain bread and raw veggies, they will cleanse our stomach and entire digestive tract. At the same time, we must decrease the amount of sugary foods we eat. Pastas and brown rice are recommended - they fuel the body with energy for the entire day. Eating a lot of fresh fruits, such as apples, is a must. Anyone who has gastritis should eat more bananas - they have a soothing effect.

- Drink a minimum of 6 1/5 cups (1.5 L) of water a day. Yoghurt and fresh juices are the other healthy drinks in this case.

- There are various food supplements with vitamins and minerals specially designed to fight fatigue. Doctors usually prescribe additional intake of magnesium, vitamins В12, В6, В1, В2, С and others.

- A good night's sleep is absolutely key for fighting spring fatigue. To fall asleep faster and not wake up during the night, it's recommended to take a warm shower before bed, to drink a cup of warm milk, sweetened with a little honey, or a cup of herbal tea. We also need to be careful not to overeat at dinner. The static electricity from TV, computers and other types of technology in the room have detrimental effects on our mood and sleep quality. A short afternoon nap is also good against spring fatigue.

- Be mindful of your biological clock. Our brain works best from noon till 3 pm, while the most favorable period for our muscles is between 3 pm and 6 pm.


- Listening to quiet, pleasant music also has relaxing effects.

- Whoever has the opportunity can go get a massage or take a yoga course.

- The clothes we wear need to be made of natural materials and preferably be brightly colored.

- Aromatherapy also has favorable effects. Take a refreshing bath with orange or lavender essence.

- Don't get upset over silly things and smile more.