How to Freeze Leeks

Paolina SyarovaPaolina Syarova
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leek slices

When it’s cold, we want to eat everything and do not get out as quickly as frequently. Of course, the obligations do not allow us to relax so much, but over the past holidays, we have had the pleasure to rest properly.

And although the work and other obligations kept us awake, we can at least in some ways to try to be more rational (not to mention a word like lazy).

Food and general snacking turns leading for winter. This is not something strange or extraordinary, it's been in the order of things. But when we barely reach home in heavy snow conditions, we are reluctant to go to the shops and buy products. It is safe to just apply a little more sense.

Products during the winter can be bought in larger quantities and to keep them. No, that's not much new information.

Freezers are full of greasy pork and the barrel is probably already half over, but still full of sauerkraut and pickles. So far so good, but what to do with leeks? We know it is a major part of the menu in winter and eating.


In the refrigerator, goods are kept very simply - you just leave it all as it was purchased, then tie a bag at the bottom, but loosely. Another way is to put the leeks with roots down in a sandbox and then the balcony.

If you want to freeze leeks, we need to peel their film first, remove the hairs and wash it. Once drained, start to cut into slices, an inch thick.

Blanch the pieces shortly - no more than two minutes.

After removing them, you put them for a few minutes in cold water to stop the process. The next step is to drain the pieces, place them in boxes to put in the freezer for about half an hour.

Then arrange the pieces in plastic bags. Put in the freezer - so the vegetables can be stored for no more than six months. Should not chop the green part to freeze. The leaves are suitable for quick consumption.sht