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Do You Have an Intolerance to Carbohydrates?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Do You Have an Intolerance to Carbohydrates? Heres How to Find Out!

It is a well-known fact that we should be careful about what we eat. Of course, it is the organism that signals which food it prefers and which harms it. Each product has something that would help the body function well. The point is to choose the menu that will have the most positive effects on it.

Carbohydrates are one of the most important elements for the body. They can give a lot, but also take away just as much. There are good and bad carbs, which is why it's important to be selective about what you eat. Some will give you strength, energy and a healthy immune system, while others will make you gain weight and you will have a greater risk of a number of diseases.

If you feel something is not right after eating a portion of baked potatoes or a takeaway sandwich, maybe you yourself do not realize that your body and organism do not tolerate carbohydrates.

With the answers to the next few questions, you will know if you have an intolerance to carbohydrates.

Intolerance to carbohydrates
Image: Yordanka Kovacheva

1. Are you gaining extra weight?

2. Do you often feel tired, especially after a large meal?

3. Do you lead an active lifestyle or is your daily life more sedentary?

4. After carbohydrate consumption - something sweet, pastries or other food, do you want more?

5. Do you feel dizzy when you haven't eaten anything?

6. Do you have elevated blood sugar levels?

7. Do you struggle with any of the following problems - insomnia, muscle pain, acne, depression, hormone problems?

After answering these questions, add up the result and if you have more Yes answers, try to change your diet for a period of 2 weeks. Exclude from the menu the sources of starch - fruit, potatoes, pumpkin, corn, carrot.

Focus on foods that contain complex carbohydrates – legumes, quinoa, buckwheat, green leafy vegetables, avocado, olive oil, citrus fruit, strawberries, kiwi, green apple. Everything should be in moderation.

Substituting carbs

After the time is up, you should feel relief, by changing the answers to some questions on the test. They will be different, because of the substances you have ingested, namely beneficial carbohydrates, which will affect your blood sugar, weight and energy.