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Turbinado Sugar

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Turbinado Sugar

Turbinado sugar is natural brown sugar and the name Turbinado comes from the fact that the process of drying the crystals is done in a centrifuge (turbine). It has been partially processed, with a small portion of the molasses removed. Its color is amber. It is produced from sugar cane that is freshly cut and juice is released.

Similar to the technology of another type - Demerara sugar, a part of the water composition is evaporated to have a certain crystallization, light brown sugar crystals are obtained. The crystals are then grinded in a centrifuge. This sugar is not subjected to bleaching and coloring of the crystals, but is so natural. Its crystals are larger than regular sugar. There are many types of sugar that are raw and unrefined.

Raw sugar is also low in calories due to the high percentage of water content. Its composition includes vitamins and minerals, because chemical treatments are limited or avoided.

The Turbinado sugar flavor has a slight molasses flavor, because it is not fully processed.

Turbinado sugar must be stored in a well-closed container, because when it comes into contact with air, it hardens.

100 grams of Turbinado sugar contain 100 milligrams potassium, 23 milligrams magnesium, 85 milligrams calcium, 1.3 milligrams iron, 3.9 milligrams phosphorus. The minimum mineral salt content is 740 milligrams and 1 tsp. Turbinado sugar contains 20 calories.

Turbinado Sugar is suitable for vegan diets, it is not processed in any way other than the completely natural process of evaporation and without chemicals.

And here is a recipe with Turbinado sugar:

Almonds in chocolate and Turbinado sugar

almonds - 245 g

dark chocolate - 170 g (60%)

Turbinado sugar - 50 g

sea ​​salt - for sprinkling

The preparation is easy, the oven is heated to 175°C. Spread the almonds evenly onto the baking paper and bake for about 15 minutes. Then they are cooled. The chocolate is melted in microwave for 15 seconds and it is stirred, until it has melted completely.

Place the almonds in a bowl and mix with the chocolate. Carefully remove them with a fork and place them on a paper at a distance from each other. Sprinkle with Turbinado sugar and sea salt. Cool them in the refrigerator.

You now know interesting facts about Turbinado sugar and a recipe to try.



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