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Wondering what scamorza is? If you are a fan of different types of white cheese and yellow cheese, then maybe you already know about this product, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Scamorza is a type of Italian cheese in the shape of a pear. The modern cheese is made mainly from cow's milk and in the southern parts of Italy - the regions of Puglia and Campania, are accepted as its homeland, where it is produced quite actively.

Its name comes from the words capa mozza or testa mozzata, which means a cut off head. The light smell of this Italian delicacy is also known from other noble cheeses.

This specific pear shape is obtained by straining and drying it. The milk is transferred into a strainer after it lumps up it to drain off the excess moisture, after which one end of the product is tied with a rope (about 1/3) and hung somewhere to hang.

This way, the gravity forms its characteristic shape. Usually a piece is about 10-15 cm in diameter in its wide part and it is just as long. When it is made, a very thin and very smooth crust is obtained. Once it's ready, it can vary from 0.5 to 2 kg.

There are two types of Italian cheese. One is ordinary scamorza, which tastes like mozzarella. Its fat content is extremely high - about 44%, so when consumed, the initial taste of this cheese feels quite greasy in your mouth. Its color is white or very pale yellowish.

Italian cheeses and scarmorza

The other type is the smoked scamorza, also called the Scamorza Affumicata, which has a darker almond color. Its taste is much more intrusive, with a slight hint of roasted nuts, so be careful when adding it to other dishes. The smoked aroma and taste are achieved during the hanging process and are very similar to those of smoked processed cheese or smoked yellow cheese.

The cheese has an unique taste and so it can be used in various recipes as a substitute for yellow cheese - for cold or hot appetizers, when roasting meat or as an addition to sandwiches with prosciutto. This temptation can easily be breaded because of its semi-solid appearance and density.

It is extremely suitable to be consumed with wine - it is recommended to eat ordinary scamorza mainly with white and fresh wines. Due to its more pronounced taste and aromatic qualities, smoked scamorza goes well with rose or light red wines.

The average nutritional values ​​of smoked scamorza per 100 g are: energy value - 1470 kJ/354 kcal; fats: 28 g, of which 19 g are saturated fatty acids; carbohydrates are 1.5 g, of which 0.7 g are sugars. The protein in it is 24 g and the salt - 2 g.

The price of this dairy product varies depending on its type. Ordinary white scamorza is cheaper than smoked scamorza - it can be found in larger store chains.



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