Black beans

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Black Beans

Beans are a plant of the Fabaceae family. They are native to South America, but can be grown anywhere. They were cultivated before the time of the Incas, and brought to Europe during one of the expeditions of Christopher Columbus. Because of the high yield and ease of growing beans they spread throughout Europe by the late 16th century.

Beans come in many different shapes and colors. They are round and kidney shaped, are colored in yellow, variegated, white, green and black. One of the most interesting and delicious representatives are definitely black beans.

Composition of black beans

A cup of cooked black beans contains 41 g carbohydrates, 15 g fiber, 15 g protein and 1 gram of fat. This portion provides 20% of the recommended amount of iron for an adult and 5% of the required calcium, as well as very good amounts of potassium, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins of the B group.

Black Bean salad

Selection and storage of black beans

Buy only well-packed black beans on which the manufacturer and expiration date shows on the packaging. Store beans in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Black beans in cooking

The soaking of legumes in water is a pervasive rule, however, it has its scientific basis - this catalyzes the beneficial properties of beans. On the other hand, it is hotly debated whether you should throw away the water in which beans are soaked. Some believe that with it goes a significant portion of the nutrients.

The black bean is a component of many dishes. Besides being very useful, it is very tasty. From this, you can prepare different salads, meat dishes and vegetarian dishes. Experts in nutrition recommend a combination of black beans with brown rice to supply a sufficient amount of protein.

The time for cooking black beans varies depending on the origin and the conditions under which it is grown. The black bean is most delicious combined with exotic spices. These are cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, chili powder, turmeric and cloves.

Black Bean recipes

Benefits of Black Beans

Black Beans have an excellent combination of fibre and protein, which other fruits, or meat and seafood cannot boast. Bean varieties with dark color help in the fight against chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and deficient cells.

Research indicates that black beans have protective properties against cancer. People who do not like beans avoid it because of the delusion that it irritates the intestines and stomach. It's actually the opposite - it forms a protective film on them.

Indigestible fibers in black beans are more than those found in lentils and chick peas, but its composition facilitates colonic bacteria to produce butyric acid, which is the result of the action of specific bacteria and also serves as a fuel for the cells of the mucosa.

By ballast substances passing into the colon, the black bean supports the lower intestinal tract and reduces the risk of cancer in this area. The beneficial effect is reinforced by the folic acid contained in the black beans. It is essential for the body, especially in pregnant women and people at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Black Bean stew

Black beans are a proud representative of the group of foods with saturated color, a valuable source of phytochemicals, which are believed to prevent the degeneration of cells.

Black beans have the same antioxidant potency as that of blueberries, cabbage and red beets. As we all know, foods with antioxidants help fight against free radicals.

The often overlooked black bean is rich in soluble fiber, which helps reduce bad cholesterol levels and stabilize blood sugar. This is crucial to combating metabolic problems, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Black beans have scant amounts of fat, but at the same time have a good stodgy effect because of the high amount of dietary fiber in their composition. The black bean is one of the best sources of molybdenum, which breaks down sulphites taken with food to which many people are sensitive.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the broth of boiled black beans is a remedy for arthritis, having a high amount of anthocyanin - the same substance found in the juice of pomegranates, cherries and red wine.


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