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Anise Essential Oil

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Anise Essential Oil

Since ancient times anise has been used to season and flavor many foods and drinks. It is used in the production of alcoholic beverages.

In India and some other countries, anise is also used as a mouth freshener and digestive aid. An essential oil is also extracted from the plant. This product has been extracted from the anise plant since ancient times. It was used and valued by the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.

The Romans used it for a savory cake called mustacheus, the Egyptians added it to their bread, and the Greeks used it mostly to soothe the digestive tract.

The health benefits of anise oil are due to its many effects - anti-epileptic, anti-hysterical, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, cardiac, digestive, expectorant, insecticidal, sedative, stimulant.

Preparation and chemical composition of anise essential oil

The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the dried fruit of anise. The product has a characteristic fruity smell, sweet aroma and high volatility. The oil has a medium viscosity and hardens at low temperatures, so it needs to be warmed before use. Its specific aroma is due to the aromatic compound anethole, which is the main ingredient in the oil.

Anise essential oil is characterized by its rich composition consisting of:

- butyric acid;

- curcumin;

- propionic acid;

- atenol;

- camphene;

- anisic aldehyde.

Uses of anise essential oil

Anise Essential Oil Benefits

- digestion - supports the digestive system when consuming heavy meals, especially fatty and sweet foods;

- blood circulation - slows it down and calms the nervous system;

- pain relief - for rheumatism, arthritis and pain in the joints, muscles and pain caused by spasms;

- the lungs - clears them of mucus or phlegm, and relieves problems related to the respiratory tract;

- the whole body - has an overall warming and detox effect;

- blood pressure - regulates it;

- blood and heart - improves its circulation and keeps the heart healthy;

- metabolism - improves it and supports the metabolism;

- repels insects.

Benefits of Anise Essential Oil

Anise oil has many health benefits. However, it is very important to use it in small amounts, as higher concentrations lead to more problems than benefits.

- Stomach benefits - anise essential oil aids digestion when added to warm water and drunk after meals when you have overeaten. It helps reduce flatulence and stomach problems such as bloating and heaviness. It has a very good laxative effect and prevents problems with constipation as well as gas.

- Benefits the mind and nervous system - acts like a narcotic, without side effects, slowing blood circulation and calming the nervous system. People who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety can use the oil to restore peace of mind. Anise oil has a calming effect and can also be used for insomnia.

- Benefits for pain - this oil is a natural analgesic. Helps relieve pain in rheumatism, arthritis and joint pain, also relieves muscle and joint pain.

- Benefits for the respiratory system - this oil clears the lungs of mucus or phlegm and relieves problems related to the respiratory tract. It is very effective for bronchitis, asthma and difficulty breathing.

- Benefits against colds and flu - has a warming effect in the body. It helps in the fight against flu and cold. The oil has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties and helps in quick recovery after a viral infection.

- Anise oil improves the metabolism while helping to flush toxins from the body.

- Due to its antiseptic properties, anise oil is an effective protection against infections and septic wounds, helping them to heal faster.

Anise Essential Oil Properties

- The product is also useful for dental health. The content of organic anise essential oil in toothpaste helps to prevent the appearance of tartar, to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Anise oil application

Anise essential oil is often used in folk medicine, cosmetology and cooking. In each of the areas, the product is used, taking into account its features and nuances.

Folk medicine recommends the use of anise oil for inhalations, especially in the treatment of coughs. It also helps with specific problems such as hair lice.


The substance is used for inhalation in acute respiratory infections. Medicinal ingredients moisturize the mucous membrane and relieve irritation. As a result, expectoration improves and the airways are freed.

In cosmetics

Anise essential oil is excellent toolfor the beauty of hair and skin. The substance is often used in cosmetology to prepare masks, creams and shampoos.

For the hair

The ingredients in anise have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. With the help of the product you can strengthen the hair bulb and accelerate hair growth.

For facial skin

Anise oil softens the skin, restores the complexion and fights wrinkles. A few drops of the oil added to the usual cream or face mask have a wonderful effect. It is suitable for an oil mask, but mixed with ordinary oil, alcohol, honey or cream.

Culinary uses of anise oil

Essential oils are an ingredient in recipes for professional chefs. Anise oil product belongs to the types of salty spices that open up the taste of appetizers and main dishes. Cooks most often use anise oil to flavor salads, meat, fish and in sauces.

Contraindications for the use of anise oil

Anise oil has a number of contraindications for its use. In its medicinal use, it should not be taken in the presence of:

- allergies to the components of the substance;

- children under 3 years old;

- pregnant women;

- people suffering from ulcers and gastritis with high acidity;

- in case of overdose, the substance slows down the heartbeat, so patients with diseases of the circulatory system should be careful when using it and strictly follow the instructions.

- anise oil is very strong and the anethole it contains can cause dermatitis in some people. For this reason, it is better not to apply it on problematic skin.

Anise in its correct dosage is useful for the human body. With the help of the substance, you can treat various conditions, it is also used for household needs. In order to exclude possible harm, it is good to pay attention to the contraindications and not to exceed the recommended dose indicated in the relevant prescription.

Combination of anise oil with other oils

Anise oil is good to be diluted with other types of oils in case of suspicion of intolerance to one of its characteristics or to emphasize one of its aspects. Pairs well with cardamom essential oil, cumin, cedarwood, coriander, dill and tangerine.


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