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The Most Delicious Sea Fish

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova
Sea fish

If we have to name the most wholesome and healthy food, it is fish. The advice of all nutritionists is to include it in our menu at least twice a week.

When we choose what to eat, we are always guided by the taste qualities first and then we think about the beneficial ingredients. And since we know that all types of fish will provide us with the much-needed omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and other beneficial substances, let's look at those that are also the tastiest. We will look at the tastiest sea fish.

Sea fish is very tasty, according to many chefs and much better than freshwater fish. That is why some peoples, like the Greeks for example, do not eat freshwater fish at all, but only sea fish.

The specific characteristics of sea fish is that their meat is harder and drier than freshwater fish and that they contain more iodine and bromine. The smell of iodine is characteristic for them. It can be removed by lemon juice, which is why lemon is traditionally present in recipes.

Baked sturgeon

Tasty and therefore delicacy sea fish are sterlet, great sturgeon, starry sturgeon and sturgeon. For a certain period they are in freshwater while they are spawning. Their taste is exquisite and they can be prepared in many ways, but the advice of culinary experts is not to add too many spices to them. The simpler, the more the delicate taste of the meat will stand out.

A very valuable kind of sea fish is cod. The meat of this fish is white and dense and reminds us with its smell of seaweed and because of the large bones it is easy to clean and consume. Its liver collects fish oil, which is very healthy. The meat of this type of fish makes nutritious fish steaks.

We can't help but mention the most popular sea fish in Greece - sea bass. This extremely delicious fish is the most bought in Greece and the recipes for its preparation are endlessly varied.

Restaurants usually offer soleidae fish. It has tender meat without bones, a pleasant aroma and a refined taste. It has only one percent fat content and is therefore the most dietary dish, that can be prepared.

Tuna is sea fish

One of the great inhabitants of the sea is tuna. This tasty fish can be grilled or wrapped in foil.

Salmon is another type of sea fish, which is very tasty if grilled, if fried and the popular carpaccio is made from it.

What should we eat sea fish with?

There is a famous saying that without wine, fish is poison. Wines are the most suitable drink to accompany the dish. Choose white wines for smoked or boiled fish and red wine is best for fish soup. If you cook the fish with a wine sauce, choose the same wine to have the dish with.