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Amino acids complement the main factors required for good body health, such as vitamins and minerals, while optimizing them at the same time.

They are an important prerequisite for growth, outstanding health and proper body functioning. The benefits of amino acids are countless and one of the most important among them is valine. Valine is a valuable amino acid that has stimulating effects.

Valine is an essential amino acid, which the human body cannot synthesize by itself, which is why we must obtain it from our food or supplements.

Obtaining valine from these is a must, considering the vitally important functions it performs in the body. Valine is a major amino acid in muscle protein.

Along with leucine and isoleucine, valine belongs to the group of so-called branched-chain amino acids. The name valine comes from the medicinal plant valerian.

Sources of Valine


Among the best food sources of valine are fish, turkey and chicken meat, lentils and peanuts. It can also be procured through food supplements sold at specialized stores.

Benefits of Valine

Valine has stimulating effects in terms of muscle mass, growth and tissue restoration, which is why it's most commonly found in muscle tissue.

The amino acid valine can act as a source of energy with a glucose sparing effect. Thanks to this it stimulates and boosts mental energy. Valine maintains nitrogen balance in the body.

When taken as part of a rehabilitation diet or concomitant diet, valine can help treat liver and gallbladder diseases, as well as disorders of these organs caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

The amino acid valine can help those suffering hepatic encephalopathy or other disorders of the central nervous system. Valine finds very wide use in preventing muscle loss in diabetes patients.

Deficiency of Valine


Deficiency of valine can damage the protective myelin sheath of nerves and thereby cause degenerative neurological conditions.

In people suffering valine metabolic imbalance we see a specific disease, known as Menkes disease. The urine of patients suffering from it begins to smell like maple syrup, which is a precursor of very serious neurological problems and even coma.

Taking Valine

The majority of people don't have problems with obtaining valine from their food. But there are cases where the body cannot properly metabolize the branched-chain amino acids and the result is the aforementioned disease.

Valine can be taken in the form of a dietary supplement but must be used in combination with other branched-chain amino acids. The ideal combination is 2 mg leucine and isoleucine for every 1 g valine.

Overdose of Valine

Increased intake of valine can lead to skin irritation, and even hallucinations in extreme cases. Too much of this amino acid in one's diet can cause liver and kidney problems and raise ammonia levels in the body.

People with liver and kidney problems must only take amino acid supplements under medical supervision in order to avoid undesirable complications. Otherwise, the danger of such is very real.


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