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Sweet Treats For Kids

Sweet Treats For Kids

Amazing sweet treats for kids to connect food lovers around the world. Browse 55 quick and easy recipes for sweet treats for kids that won't break your budget.
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Apple Muffins with Dates2Apple Muffins with Dates
Mariana Petrova IvanovaMariana Petrova Ivanova390152
Easy Christmas Biscuits4Easy Christmas Biscuits
Vanya BlagoevaVanya Blagoeva4615
Pumpkin BonbonsPumpkin Bonbons
Dobrinka PetkovaDobrinka Petkova38528
Quince Candy2Quince Candy
Hristinka KolevaHristinka Koleva668
Sugarless Children`s BiscuitsSugarless Children`s Biscuits
Elena TodorovaElena Todorova408259
Chestnut Flour Cookies with Chocolate Drops3Chestnut Flour Cookies with Chocolate Drops
Ivana Krasteva-PieroniIvana Krasteva-Pieroni475264
Biscuit Bonbons with HoneyBiscuit Bonbons with Honey
Sevda AndreevaSevda Andreeva259113
Pumpkin and Cottage Cheese Sweets6Pumpkin and Cottage Cheese Sweets
Yordanka KovachevaYordanka Kovacheva2k1193
Gingerbread Christmas Cookies5Gingerbread Christmas Cookies
Viktoria KonstantinovaViktoria Konstantinova353
Stuck Together Cookies for Kids2Stuck Together Cookies for Kids
Yordanka KovachevaYordanka Kovacheva2k1193
Gingerbread Cookies with Fondant2Gingerbread Cookies with Fondant
Dobrinka PetkovaDobrinka Petkova38528
Easy Cookies for KidsEasy Cookies for Kids
Fat BertaFat Berta9026127
Sweet Hedgehogs6Sweet Hedgehogs
Todorka SpasovaTodorka Spasova14
Chocolate Balls with Biscuits8Chocolate Balls with Biscuits
Teodora MeshterovaTeodora Meshterova221
Easy 5 Minute Coconut Biscuit Cookies4Easy 5 Minute Coconut Biscuit Cookies
Mariana Petrova IvanovaMariana Petrova Ivanova390152
Jelly Fruit Bites7Jelly Fruit Bites
Yordanka KovachevaYordanka Kovacheva2k1193
Cat`s Tongue Biscuits2Cat`s Tongue Biscuits
Monika IvanovaMonika Ivanova4817
Baby Oatmeal BiscuitsBaby Oatmeal Biscuits
Krasimira AndreevaKrasimira Andreeva1


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