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Maral Root

Ecdysterone is a natural plant product obtained from the roots and leaves of the Maral root. This is a rarely found plant which grows only at high altitudes and under certain conditions in some areas of Siberia, China, Mongolia and Central Asia.

According to some scientific studies, the historical age of the Leuzea genus is about 3-5 million years. Therein lies the reason for its inability to be cultivated anywhere else.

Ecdysteroids are plant hormones found in some arthropods and plants. For years they have been used to improve athlete performance. Ecdysterone is among these, its beneficial properties are numerous.

History of Ecdysterone

The first to study and isolate sterols from plants were Soviet scientists, who in the 1960s isolated ecdysterone and furostanol. After long studies, they were proven to possess an anabolic effect. During the Cold War era, this revolutionary find was not made public, however.

Maral Root Plants

Since sterols were not included in the list of prohibited substances but had a powerful anabolic effect, they began to be used as a secret weapon and legal doping by nearly all USSR national athletes and other East Bloc Communist countries.

Ecdysterone really began to take off in big-time sports in 1985. All national athletes (especially weight lifters and other strength sport athletes) were given huge doses of ecdysterone, then considered a legal anabolic without health consequences for competitors.

It explains the remarkable results by athletes from the Soviet camp toward the 80s and beginning of the 90s. Afterwards, the West also learned of the miraculous additive and the US began its mass use, despite the limited quantities of raw material on the market. To this day, ecdysterone remains an irreplaceable legal stimulant.

Choosing and Storing Ecdysterone

Ecdysterone is sold in the form of sports supplements. Each athlete should carefully choose their ecdysterone supplier, so they don't end up spending a ton of money on a weak supplement.

You can easily determine the quality of your ecdysterone - if after 2 weeks of use you don't notice visible results, it means you have a poor quality product and need to look for a new one. Ecdysterone supplements are very expensive, their price sometimes exceeding $56. Store it according to directions on the label.

Benefits of Ecdysterone


Ecdysterone stands out with a well expressed anabolic activity which aids in building muscle mass, distinguishing it from other adaptogens. This function is crucially important to athletes and people who perform hard physical labor.

Extended use of ecdysterone improves the condition of the liver, hemoglobin content and blood composition.

Sexual performance in men also increases significantly. This is linked to the stimulating effect of the nerve centers, as well as to the enhancement of overall anabolism.

Ecdysterone is recommended for increasing endurance and physical performance; for bodily recovery after strenuous physical labor and exercises; for reducing stress, depression, phobias.

Ecdysterone improves heart function, blood vessel function and circulation; it fights free radicals in its quality as a powerful antioxidant.

Many of the latest studies focus on the effects of ecdysterone on the immune system. Other studies show that ecdysteroids have a synergistic effect, similar to that of vitamin D. They improve liver functions.

Dangers of Ecdysterone

Ecdysterone is considered to be completely harmless. Unlike banned anabolics, the use of which causes a drop in the level of natural testosterone, when using ecdysterone the testosterone level does not change and additional testosterone therapy is not necessary.


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