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Culinary Use of Truffles

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Black Truffles

Truffles are known for being put into some of the most exquisite dishes. They are favorites among lovers of gourmet-specialties.

Truffles taste similarly to walnuts. Because of their saturated flavor, truffles are used in a wide variety of dishes. They can be combined with almost any product.

In combination with eggs, meat and some types of cheeses, they transform the dish into a true high-class banquet.

Truffles are cut very finely and used to sprinkle many different types of dishes - ones with meat, fish, vegetables. Truffles are added to different pastas - ravioli, spaghetti, tortellini, entirely changing the taste and flavor of the prepared dish.


Once the finely chopped truffles interact with the other products, they begin to give off a sharp, pleasant flavor. The scent of these prized fungi creates genuine culinary masterpieces.

Truffles cannot withstand heat treatment because they lose their qualities, so the only thing that can be done to them in this regard is to bake them for just a few minutes, so that they release their flavor.

They can be steamed for several minutes or sauteed briefly in wine. In raw form, truffles can be added to various sauces.

Cut Truffles

Black truffles are the most highly prized. They are added to exquisite dishes in French cuisine. According to French master chefs, if you add just a little bit of truffles to fried eggs, the result will be a breakfast that everyone will remember for a long time.

Truffles are an expensive culinary delight. The French combine truffles with eggs, potatoes, meat dishes, foie gras, different kinds of salads and appetizers.

White truffles are the favorites among Italians. They grate these fungi and sprinkle them all over different kinds of dishes. What truffles are used as an addition to classic risotto.

A particularly popular sauce is one made from white truffles, butter, cream, garlic and anchovies, that Italians use for vegetables and spaghetti. For aficionados of fine dining, it is recommended for them to try a white truffle sprinkled with parmesan and lemon juice.